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Today’s dreary weather inspired me to make soup. I used the basic split pea soup recipe from Williams-Sonoma, except I fried up a bit of smoked bacon instead of buying a ham hock. We always keep bacon on hand in the freezer and just cut off pieces as needed for flavoring. I used the equivalent of two slices for this soup, chopped into small bits and browned with the onions and garlic.

Split Pea Soup with Squash

Split pea soup with butternut squash.

Those orange chunks on top of the soup are hunks of butternut squash. We didn’t have any carrots, and I had the squash leftover from last week’s curry. At this stage, the soup looks a lot like the curry; the peas are buried at the bottom. There’s a lot more squash in this than there would have been carrots, as I wanted to use it all up. Who knows what color the soup will turn out? Probably an unappetizing shade of brown.

Basic ingredients are: Split peas (about 2 cups), bacon, an onion, garlic (about three cloves), diced celery and carrots (for the normal version), chicken broth (about 6 cups), thyme, salt, pepper. Cook all day in the crockpot. Easy.

ETA: The soup color was fine, a basic pea hue with some orange bits. It was also delicious. The squash made a good carrot substitute. I’d probably add celery if I were shopping from scratch, but it wasn’t missed in this version.


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