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Finally made a skirt today after sitting on the fabric for nearly a year. It took a few hours.

I made a paper pattern by tracing a simple A-line skirt that fits and then making some adjustments, such as lengthening the hem. I washed the cotton fabric and dried it on the hot setting to pre-shrink it. Here’s the fabric, laid out back-to-back and cut.
Cut fabric

I sewed the left side of the skirt and pinned in the zipper.

I wasn’t careful enough when sewing the zipper into place, and some extra fabric got sucked into the seam, making the fabric pucker on the outside. Ugh. So I had to remove the stitches and repeat the process. The final result came out fine, but next time I’ll be much more careful. I’m a bit worried that the stress on the fabric is going to result in a hole someday too soon.
Finished zipper

Once the zipper was in, I adjusted the seam on the right and put a couple of darts in front and back to make a good fit. In retrospect, I probably made it a squib too tight. It’s perfect now, so I have to hope that my pre-shrinking of the fabric means the sizing will remain as-is. I guess we’ll see.

The waistline and hem are both done with bias tape. This is the kind of thing you can’t do when you feel rushed or impatient. It’s so easy to get sloppy or let your attention drift. After the zipper incident, I made sure to take it slow and pin and iron everything well.
Bias tape on the hem.

Apart from running out of bobbin thread at one point, this went without a hitch. Whew.
Skirt hem

And here’s the final result:
Finished skirt

This awesome fabric came from Piedmont Fabric in Oakland, which carries a variety of ever-changing, interesting prints.


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  1. I’ve never been to Piedmont Fabric, but just spent a long time in New Pieces on Gilman getting help from a kindly quilter who guided me on choosing fabric that will rescue the hot pink monkey blanket I’m making my 3-year old from being as hideous as it sounds. (I am bordering the monkey fabric with a creamy yellow and then bordering the whole thing with a circle/spiral pattern that incorporates both the creamy yellow and the hot pink.)

  2. mkcbunny permalink

    Hot pink money blanket? Sounds fun! I should check out New Pieces.

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