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I voted

This afternoon, JC and I walked down by the lake to vote at the Rotary Nature Center, which houses a variety of decrepit stuffed animals such as these:

Burrowing Owl
I wanted to take more pics inside but figured it might make the other voters self-conscious. There are numerous dusty examples of taxidermied waterfowl, as well as a decent-looking bald eagle. There’s even a cougar in its own glass case—a bit far afield from the Lake Merritt birds but a local specimen nonetheless. These pics are all from the lobby.
Stuffed Geese

After voting, we strolled along the lake. The island trees are falling apart, dying as the result of the cormorant scat.

The cormorants are nesting now. You can see them, dark pompons in the trees, perching like the last survivors of a Seussian apocalypse.

On a lighter note, we spotted Hank, our resident white pelican. Hank is a permanent fixture thanks to an injury during a winter storm several years ago. He’s an amusing bird who tends to be most active on the water in summer. Right now, he’s in mating mode. You can tell by the lump on his bill, which comes back every spring. Apparently, nature thinks a giant growth will get him laid.


We also saw six migrating white pelicans, who may stick around all summer. It’s always hard to know. Sometimes they leave after just a day or two. It’s sad to see Hank follow around behind them, trying to be one of their group. Because whenever they leave, Hank can’t follow. His mating/friend-making efforts are doomed to last only one season.


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