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Bird Skirt


I just finished another skirt using the same pattern as the last one. Clearly, I was in a blue-and-brown mode when I visited the fabric store.

Bird Skirt

You’d think the second skirt would be a breeze, but somehow I had more difficulty with this one. The fabric was a bit stretchy, which made the darts and zipper area a little puffy. The fabric I used for the first skirt was a tighter woven, thinner, crispy print that fell into line and did precisely what I expected.

The bird print also didn’t iron out so easily. This doesn’t bode well for future wear and care. I just put both through the wash for the first time, so after they dry and are ironed, I’ll be able to judge the outcome.

Inspired by my completed projects, I went back to Piedmont Fabric today to get two more prints. I made myself a promise not to buy any more blue or brown. And one of them had to be black, either black-and-red or black-and-white.

Here’s the first one I found:
BW Fabric

After that, I went around and around choosing the second print. I really wanted something green, or maybe burnt orange, but there wasn’t anything good in the orange zone. I almost bought a chartreuse fabric with owls on it. It was funky and cute, but I figured it might be too soon for more birds. Eventually I settled on this:

Crazy Print

Both of these fabrics were $9 a yard, or about $16 per skirt. I already had zippers for both and thread for the black one. The only additional expenses were bias tape (x2) and one roll of thread. So each skirt came in under $20. Yay!

Then I saw the 50% off rack, which was full of Halloween fabrics. I guess they’re making room for new, “better” stock on order for the upcoming season. I found a cute spider-web pattern for just $4.50 a yard. Even better, it satisfied my desire to buy something orange. And it has spiders.
Halloween Fabric

I did have to buy a zipper and bias tape for this one, but I already have the thread.
Fabric = $8.00
Zipper = $1.60
Bias tape = $1.70
Total w/ tax = $12.50

Value of a Halloween skirt for last-minute party invites = Priceless.


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