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Divorce Whose?


I’m a half hour into Divorce His, Divorce Hers and thought I should post a warning about the various crappy versions of this film that are currently available.

First, it’s a TV movie from the early ’70s, so the picture quality probably isn’t good to start. Second, this feature is in the public domain, so there are several different DVD transfers available. I picked up a cheap one because I just wanted to see it, not own it for a lifetime, but the sound quality is bad enough that I considered stopping on that count alone.

More important, though, is the content. Divorce His, Divorce Hers originally aired over two nights, with the first installment focused on Burton’s character and the second on Taylor’s, hence the title. Given how much screen time Taylor’s got, it seems clear that I’m watching “Hers.” So either this particular DVD serves the episodes in reverse order, or it contains only Part II. I shouldn’t be too demanding, having purchased the cheapest DVD on the planet. I think it was 37 cents.

An hour later …

Well, the disc has ended, and apparently it contains only one of two parts. The menu says it was the first one, “His,” but I just can’t believe that. There were too many scenes of Elizabeth moping alone. My Taylor-Burton threshold is extremely high, and I’m perfectly willing to suffer through bad material when a minor obsession is involved, but I’m loathe to spend another $4 (total with shipping) on another lousy print. Whichever half I saw, it makes Elephant Walk look like Gone with the Wind. If I do give in and get my hands on Part I, I doubt it will cause me to recommend this movie to anyone, even if you can find a decent copy. And that goes for Elizabeth Taylor fans, too.

On a more positive note, as I was trolling the Internets, I found some fun magazine covers.

This Look magazine is from 1970, a couple of years before Divorce His, Divorce Hers. This isn’t my copy, but I do have one in storage. I should pull out some of my older mags at some point. This is one of the most excessive images I’ve ever seen of the couple. There’s something utterly obscene about her wearing the world’s most expensive fur coat on the beach.
Look Magazine
And then this one, which made me laugh.
Taylor and Elvis
There were many other good ones, but I’ll save them for future installments. Next up, we move back to food with Fourth of July pie and ribs. Have a happy holiday weekend.


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