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Food for the Fourth


It’s a gorgeous day in Oakland. Perfect for being outside. This afternoon we’re prepping food for a BBQ. Ribs and pecan pie. Mmmm mmmm.

My husband is obsessed with ribs. Actually, he loves any kind of barbeque, but ribs are his favorite. Whenever we try a new barbeque joint, it’s measured on the merit of the ribs. Today, we’re making a dry rub and smoking the meat in the oven first. We’re using Emeril’s smoker bags imbued with hickory and alder. It should be interesting.

First we cut the ribs in half and seasoned them with the rub. We used this recipe we found online.

Rub Rub
Rubbing Ribs
Then we stuffed them into the bag and put them in the oven on 325 degrees. Bye-bye little ribs.
When they’re fully smoked, we’ll bring them to the grill and caramelize them with a layer of sauce. You’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow for the final photos on that one. Here’s how they looked out of the oven.
I made a pecan pie using a recipe that has no corn syrup. Here’s an in-progress photo:
Pecan Pie
It was easy to make, as most pecan pies are. You just mix the filling together and dump it into the shell. The trick with pecan pie is cooking it the correct amount of time. It has to cook long enough for the filling to set and the nuts to brown, but no so long that the crust or the nuts get burned. Here’s the final product. More on the recipe later, after eating.

Won’t know how it all tastes until later, after we’ve grilled up our meat and eaten. There are other goodies on the menu, made by friends, so it should be a delicious feast.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. And if you’re not in the U.S. celebrating, have a nice day!


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