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FIFA Follow-Up


Yesterday’s World Cup gathering was great. Here are some shots of the final menu.

Dutch apple cake
Dutch apple cake. Tasted like coffee cake with apples. I used this recipe, but then I added this glaze on top. It was pretty easy to do, especially with my new apple corer.

Manchego cheese salad
Manchego salad. This is a favorite that I discovered while visiting Disneyland. One of the Downtown Disney restaurants, Catal, serves it. We don’t mold it but simply toss it in a bowl. We also left out the dates, as they tend to stick together in a big blob when you serve it this way. This is a fantastic salad. I highly recommend trying it. You can leave off the balsamic drizzle and use plain, non-caramelized walnuts, too. We usually replace the dates with dried cranberries when me make this, though I didn’t add any for this version.

Asparagus with red peppers and garlic
Grilled asparagus with red peppers, olive oil, and lots of fresh garlic. Broiled for about ten minutes. You have to keep an eye on the pan, though, as the thickness of the stalks affects cooking time. Check midway, toss, and stick back for a few more minutes, as needed.

Paprika potatoes
Really simple, roasted potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper, and paprika. I had to add more salt and paprika after cooking. I’d been a bit too stingy with both.

Mmmmmm. Meatballs. These took a while. I used a Swedish meatball recipe, vs. trying to find something specifically Dutch. I’ve made them before and didn’t want to experiment too much. Once they were cooked in a stovetop skillet, I moved them into the crockpot to keep warm. The basic recipe is from Better Homes and Gardens, but I’ve tweaked it a lot over the years. More nutmeg and spices, for one. And I often make it with buffalo meat, which is lower in fat than beef and requires more binder and a lot less liquid. I presume the recipe is in this version of the book, but my copy is so old, I don’t know what changes have been made to subsequent editions.

Gouda scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs with Gouda cheese, shallots, and chives. Had to have Gouda somewhere in the mix.

Chorizo, for topping the eggs. It was super-spicy and not easy to work with. The sausages contained a phenomenal amount of oil that we had to remove before serving.

Red pepper and manchego snacks
We made crostini with extra red peppers and Manchego cheese left over from the other dishes. We also made a round with ham, Gouda, and sauerkraut. Those were quite tasty, like tiny Reuben sandwiches. I spread homemade aioli on the bread for both versions. Delicious.

Add sangria, and enjoy!


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  1. Linda Braz permalink

    all sorts of yumminess there mary!

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