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Tonight, I’ve somehow managed to merge every blog topic thus far into one short post: sewing, food, and movies.

I’m about to embark upon a five-hour three-hour, two-disc viewing of Quo Vadis, which I’ve never seen in its entirety because it wasn’t on DVD for a long time. It’s one of those extravagant, mid-century, historically suspect epics. I’m a total sucker for old-school Hollywood glamorization, so this should be fun.

Elizabeth Taylor was originally cast as the lead, which explains an early comment about the character’s “raven hair” when star Deborah Kerr has orange locks. So far, Robert Taylor’s character is a complete, unsympathetic boor and the set pieces rival those in Cleopatra. My prediction is that Kerr gets tossed to the lions, leading Robert to a literal “come to Jesus” moment.

After dinner, I’m back to sewing skirts with that awesome fabric I bought. But first, dinner, which is what promted my post. A super-simple recipe.

• Put pasta on to boil.
• Heat olive oil in pan.
• Add crushed garlic to taste. I like lots.
• Add chopped tomato.
• Add a handful of walnuts.
• Add salt and pepper.
• Just before tossing on pasta, add finely chopped basil.
• Don’t overcook the basil. Just wilt it.
• Toss pasta and sauce in a bowl with the cheese of your choice. I like bleu with walnuts, but parmesan works, too. Whatever you like.

And that’s dinner!


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