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Albany Bulb


Yesterday, JC and I went for a hike around the Albany Bulb. It’s a weird, beautiful, sometimes spooky place—kind of like The Road was beautiful but also scary. The site is filled with detritus, old dumped concrete, and lots of graffiti and metal art. There are also people living out in the scrub, camped under trees and inside cobbled-together shelters. As pretty as some parts of the walk were, others smelled like waste, human waste. It was hard not to feel a post-apocalyptic vibe.
High TideConcrete ArtConcrete ArtConcrete ArtConcrete Art
Amid all of the wreckage are some interesting nature sights.
Bike Sculpture
These bike sculptures above were super-creepy. One of them kept squeaking in the wind—the kind of squeak that, in a horror film, would mean bad things were about to happen. I kept joking that if we were characters in a movie, the audience would be yelling, “Run away, you idiots!”
Big, Crazy, Metal Sculpture
I’m not going to lie or be nice and say that all of this art is good. Much of it just isn’t my thing. It’s a bit too crunchy-feely, hippy-dippy for my liking. But it’s still an interesting environment. The giant metal sculpture above isn’t my idea of relevant, but parked out on the end of what feels like a remote island, it definitely has an impact.
Neckface? Or Derivative?
At the end of our walk, we stopped at the northern wetlands to watch waterfowl and found a jellyfish blooping along in the reeds. Here’s a little movie:


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