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Farmers Market


I went down to the Grand Lake farmers market today to pick up a lamb shoulder for stew. By the time I got there, they only had one left, which was larger than I needed and took all my cash. One thing about farmers markets: They’re a quick way to burn through a lot of money. It’s amazing how much you can spend if you shop with your eyes and not your pocketbook. Sometimes it’s great and well worth it. The aforementioned lamb from Prather Ranch is outstanding and not overly priced at seven dollars per pound. But sometimes the apples are mealy, and I’ve had mixed results with pitted summer fruits. Take advantage of the abundant free samples to ensure your money’s well spent.
Salad Greens w/ Edible Flowers
Orchid Vendor
Cut Flowers

While I was down at the park, I took a few shots of the Grand Lake Theater, which was recently repainted. They even restored the the roof’s illuminated logo. I’ll have to take a photo at dusk, when you can really see how vibrant the colors are.
Grand Lake Theater
Grand Lake Theater

I also stopped by the Oaklandish booth, where both John Casey T-shirts are available for sale, as well as those by local artists Jake Watling and Sarah Smith. One of these days, I’m going to buy one of their reverse-logo Grand Lake Theater tees, but this week, I blew my budget on lamb. Next time.


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  1. mkc permalink

    There’s a link in the post to that one, but the new one isn’t showing online yet.

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