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Last night, I went with some friends to see Tracey Snelling’s installation at the Oakland Underground Film Festival space in Jack London Square. Tracey’s dioramas looked fantastic in a seedy, miniature-noir kind of way.
Tracy Snelling Diorama

Tracy Snelling Diorama Motel

Tracy Snelling Diorama Motel

Tracey Snelling Diorama

Tracey Snelling

The event took place in the cavernous location that was formerly home to Barnes & Noble. I didn’t visit this B&N too often, as I’ve got a neighborhood bookstore of my own, but it still seems sad that the waterfront couldn’t support it. Every time I went in there, the place seemed busy.
The Pavilion Space

The Old Cafe
Video by Michael Patrick Perez
As I looked around, the enormity of the square footage was much more apparent than it ever had been when it was occupied. I couldn’t help thinking about all of the books that used to be there. Where once were rows and rows of shelves, now there’s nothing. Well, temporarily, there’s art and film, but there’s still so much emptiness.

And the Loch Ness Penis.
Feather Art
It was made of feathers and quite soft, yet none of us wanted to touch it.


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