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When it’s this hot, I barely have an appetite. Ninety-five degrees is about as warm as it’s ever going to get in Oakland—in fact, today’s temperature set a new record.

I think my brain is melting. That said, I love the heat. Real weather is something I truly miss about the east coast, especially warm summer nights, thunderstorms, snow, and anything else that proves what season you’re in. I grew up playing in puddles during summer rains—until the lightning started, and then my mom would come out and shuttle me inside. I don’t know if anyone ever got struck by lightning in a puddle. The frogs certainly didn’t look scared.

Here in the Bay Area, a thunderstorm is news. Front-page, top-story, headline news. Meanwhile, my parents just got hit back east with a weather blast that knocked out phone, cable, and every appliance that wasn’t on a power strip. Goodbye coffee-maker.

Despite being not-at-all-hungry, I slogged into the kitchen to prep dinner, a super-easy marinated fish that’s light and requires very little time in the kitchen. The recipe, called Fish in Herb Sauce, can be found in this book, my main source for Indian meals. If you keep general spices on hand (ginger, cumin, coriander), all you need to grab for this meal is your fish and some fresh cilantro. I always have plain yogurt and onions at home, so those aren’t special, but if you don’t tend to have them in stock, you’d need them as well. I use tilapia for this recipe, as its lightness works well with fresh herbs.

I have no idea why the recipe calls for doing some of the prep in a blender and some in a bowl. I just put all the ingredients together in a small food processor and churn them into a smooth puree. Spread the marinade over the fish, let sit for 15 minutes, and cook. About ten minutes under the broiler will do. And here’s how the whole thing looks.

Marinate for 15 minutes.
Broiled fish.
Served with corn and Brussels sprouts. And something over ice.


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