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Couch Potato


I don’t usually post solicitations, but for all of my Oakland neighbors, I’m spreading the word about the possible renovation and reopening of our beloved Parkway Theater, near Lake Merritt.

As an Adams Point resident, I’m loyal to the Grand Lake Theater, which is just a few blocks from my house. I wouldn’t want to give it up, and I try to spend my money there vs. funding the bigger chain houses. But the Grand Lake can’t play every movie, and I don’t always get to less pressing films while they’re still in first-run release.

And sometimes a gal just needs beer and pizza with her movie.

For the full tale of how the Parkway may yet again serve our couch-potato needs, visit:

There’s also a Kickstarter project taking donations for the Parkway’s return. Pledge $25 and get five free showings when the theater opens.

OK, that’s enough pitching. Tomorrow, I’m making pecan pie for Thanksgiving and the blog will return to its regularly scheduled discussion of holiday foods, the migrating birds on Lake Merritt, and another new cat in the mix.


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