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Wash Those Hands!


I just spent a week at Disneyland, which should provide enough blog fodder for some time. Sadly, I fell victim to a cold after my return, so I’ve been slow to post my adventures.

Ironically, one of the first photos I shot in the park was this helpful personal-hygiene message from Sparkle, which appears in every bathroom:
Hand wash

I don’t know what makes me laugh more about this, that people need instructions to effectively wash their hands, or that the kind folks at Sparkle and Disney think guests will actually read the sign. Either way, these tiny messages (they’re only about 4″ square) make me laugh. Welcome to Disney—now wash your hands!

I’m not sure whether I picked up my cold from the countless germ-carrying cherubs in the park or someone else here at home. Given that I carried fresh hand-wipes in my pocket and wiped down after every Anaheim ride, my bet’s on a homespun illness, and I’m choosing to just blame BART.

Disneyland bathrooms can be pretty entertaining, and except for high-traffic times, they’re generally quite clean. I hadn’t been inside the one near Alice in Wonderland in many years, so I was amused to see this detail:
Alice Bathroom

They certainly do like to have fun with doors. Here’s the women’s room for Alice, and the family bathroom in the Bug’s Land area of California Adventure.
Alice Women's Room Door
Bug's Land Bathroom Door

But then fun is what Disneyland is all about. Next up, the highlight of our trip. I’ll offer one hint: It’s in Tomorrowland. And no, it’s not a ride.


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