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Countdown to 2015!


Happy new year, and welcome to 2011!

I am now officially stoked for 2015, when we will know for certain whether or not Pluto is a planet.

Cartoon by Ron Barrett

Count me among the Pluto supporters. I feel bad for the little planet. Sorry, I guess it’s dwarf planet to all you Pluto-bashers.

I just think demoting Pluto for not meeting newly concocted planetary standards is like changing the rules for the Olympic games and then taking back all of the winners’ gold medals. Or maybe just taking back Bronze medals. Or special handshakes.

It feels like a cliquey conspiracy, one of those things grade-school girls do when they want to kick an unpopular kid from their group: make up new criteria for who’s allowed in the club—hurdles the unwanted member cannot possibly leap.

But what do you think? Pluto, the poor little cast-out planet, or Pluto the shamed wannabe?


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