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Alpha, Beta, Omega, Whatta?


I just started watching the animated movie Alpha and Omega. Fifteen minutes in, and I already hate it. And I don’t us the word “hate” that often when it comes to movies. Part of me wants to turn it off, and the other wants to keep watching it so I can compile a complete list of everything that makes this a terrible movie. I doubt I can hold out that far, though. The animation style is way too creepy, and I don’t need to see the canine equivalent of a Windsong commercial once, let alone repeatedly.

At the moment, I’m incredibly annoyed by the trite plot and really stupid humor. Oh, and look, the bad guy has just been defined by the fact that he stomped on a daisy. And now he’s going to force the heroine to marry against her will.

OH. GOD. NO. It’s an awful “howling” musical number! I think my threshold has just been reached. If anyone ever suggests watching this film, put your foot down and just say no. You’d have more fun sticking a fork in your eye.

The thing that’s bothering me most in this flick is that the dominant wolves call themselves “Omegas” and don’t mix/mate with the lesser “Alphas.” Last time I checked my rules of canine social heirarchy, the “alpha dog” was on top. But I suppose expecting anything resembling intelligence from this inane and grating flick is asking too much.

I can’t get those 15 minutes back, but I can stop the torture now. And before you ask me why I even bothered with a movie that has a 14% Tomatometer rating, it’s because I was trying to be a completist about seeing all of the animated films from 2010.

I only have one left, The Illusionist, which is bound to be entertaining. From the creator of The Triplets of Belleville, and based on an unfilmed script by the legendary Jacques Tati, it’s the tale of a magician whose life changes when he meets an orphan. If only an illusionist could make me forget Alpha and Omega.
The Illusionist


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