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I had a lot of things on my plate this afternoon: the daily troll through Craigslist for work, querying my novel, updating this blog—all of which are much easier to do without a cat on your lap. But Lucy had other plans.
Cat on the computer
Apparently, she wanted to watch TV.

Movie cat

Then she took over my spreadsheet to test a formula of her own. Seems complicated.

Lucy spreadsheet

Then there was her pass at searching through my laptop for help on some mysterious subject. I don’t know what she was looking for.

Lucy search

Inevitably, when she does this, one of two things eventually happen: She shuts my computer down (perhaps a not-so-subtle message about where my attention should be focused) or writes a very long e-mail. The other day, Phineas managed to set my entire OS to accommodate the blind, which resulted in some very weird issues for sighted people, not the least of which was my laptop talking to me. How they do these things with one pass across the keyboard, I don’t know. Both cats have come up with key combinations I’ve not only never used but never heard of.

It could be chance causing these crazy results, the random combination of four paws plodding across the laptop, their owner begging for human attention. On the other hand, it could be practice, clever keyboard experimentation preceding the great feline revolution.

Sure, you laugh now. But remember this when cats take over the world.


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