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We saw two great shows during our Art Murmur pilgrimage last night in Oakland. If you are local, it’s worth a visit to both galleries without the crazy First Friday crowds.

The first was at Mama Buzz. There, Jeff Stratford presented a series of colorful, compulsive drawings with the delightful title “doing things on accident, on purposely on accident.” Images ranged from obsessive pattern pieces to story-like illustrations.
Stratford 1
Stratford 2
Stratford 3
Stratford 4
Stratford 5

You can see more of Jeff’s work and read about his process on his Web site here. Be forewarned that this site is pretty low-tech (click on the statement for more links), but it’s work navigating through the layout issues to check out the drawings and collages.

The other really nice show we saw was at Johansson Projects, which always has top-notch work. It’s probably not a surprise that I liked this one since it’s yet another JP offering that blends visual and written art. This time, it’s Eric Petitti’s faux-historic museum work, called “Loss Revision,” which details various perspectives on “the disappearance of a the legendary defense ship the Golden Pear in 2535 CE.”
Eric Petitti 1
Eric Petitti 2
Eric Petitti 3
Eric Petitti 4

We caught his presentation of the complete project, “The Dreadnaught Saga,” last year at the SFAI 2010 Thesis Exhibition at Fort Mason, where the experience was more complex but also a little overwhelmed by the massive location and context. I prefer the way the piece works in the more intimate JP space, although it’s only a portion of the total project.

Eric Petitti 6

It was difficult to photograph the text elements of this work in a legible way, but you can read more about the Golden Pear at The Rothera Historical Society Loss Revision Mobile Tour or by exploring Petitti’s interactive Web version of “The Dreadnaught Saga,” linked above.

Eric Petitti 7


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