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Castro TheatreLast night, I attended the opening night film and party for the 54th annual San Francisco International Film Festival. Since I’ve already given a full rundown elsewhere, I’ll just post a link to that article here.

If you’re local to the Bay Area, it’s well worth checking out the array of incredible films showing in the festival over the next two weeks. You can see a full calendar and buy tickets here.

When I plan my festival viewing, I tend not to see movies that already have a theatrical distributor (the opening night film, Beginners, was an exception). That’s because I know I can see them elsewhere later, whereas many of the films in the festival might not appear in theaters for a long time, if ever. That means waiting on some films I would be sure to enjoy in favor of lesser-known, sometimes riskier titles. And, really, that’s one of the joys of festival screenings, discovering a great movie that you’ve never heard of long before it’s available anywhere else.

Here’s what I am seeing, that I know of so far: Detroit Wild City, Hospitalité, The Mill and the Cross, Page One: Inside the New York Times, and The Sound of Noise. I think I’ll be seeing at least one more, but I’ll have to act soon. Some SFIFF tickets are selling out fast, so get yours now! If the film you want to see is closed, you can always try for same-day cancellations by waiting on the rush line. Good luck, and happy festing.

And Happy Earth Day, too.


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