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Most of our evenings in Amsterdam were spent tasting delicious beer. JC has already posted a lot of photos related to our evenings and day-trip to the de Molen brewery in Bodegraven, but here are some additional images from the nights out and that tasty excursion.

Beer Temple

Beer Temple, American beer bar.

In de Wildeman bar

In de Wildeman bar.

At In de Wildeman bar

Aaron Porter and John Casey at In de Wildeman bar.

Wilde Porter

And so it begins ...

One of the funny things about traveling with JC is that we took many of the same photos without even realizing it until later. There’s a lot of duplication on the de Molen trip, so I’ll just limit my shots to these. Had to include the windmill, though. A classic.

Brouwerij de Molen

At Brouwerij de Molen

At de Molen

Beer that is probably ready right about now.

de Molen shop

The de Molen bottle room. A candy store for adults and a breathtakingly beautiful sight. When I win the lottery, I want one of these.

Bottle room

John Casey, making a tough decision.

Beer purchase

OK, maybe not so tough after all.

The mill

The iconic mill.

We spent most of our beer-tasting evenings at a cozy, welcoming bar called ‘t Arendsnest, or “Eagle’s Nest,” that serves a menu of Dutch beers. The red-haired fellow shown on their home page is Thomas, a delightful barman and beer expert. The cafe’s owner, Peter van der Arend, also owns Beer Temple. He was a gracious, funny, and wonderful host who accompanied us on our trip to Bodegraven.

Eagle's Nest

A shot down the Eagle's Nest bar.

Magical beer.

I kept referring to this gorgeous Jopen extra stout as "the magical beer" because of its peculair light-bending properties—something we were unable to reproduce in any other brew.

On our last night, we stopped for Belgian beer and Mexican food before returning for a final farewell at ‘t Arendsnest.

La Chouffe

La Chouffe

Cafe Belgique

Outside Café Belgique.


Tequilas at Los Pilones

At Los Pilones, I had a yummy enchilada plate. The green sauce was nice and spicy and the chicken very tender—which makes a good lead into the next post, which will be all about food.

Until then, Proost!


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