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Storm of Sayings


I’m just finishing up book three of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, entitled A Storm of Swords. As an audio book, the whole series is quite addictive. I’ve been listening during my morning/evening commute, while cooking or doing laundry, on BART, on walks, in the bathroom brushing my teeth—pretty much anytime that I can grab a few minutes to listen.

Feast for CrowsAs much as I’ve fallen deeply into this world, there are a few things that bugged me in this third installment. I won’t blow any spoilers, though. My biggest peeve? Word reps. Or in this case, phrase repetitions. Here are a few Westeros-isms that I need never hear again:

• He was a man grown.
• If truth be told …
• S/he could not say.
• … naked as his/her name day.
• Anything about Tyrion’s “mismatched eyes.”
• Actually, anything about anyone’s eyes.

And I’m becoming especially tired of the simpleton character Hodor, which may be a flaw that’s more pronounced in the audio experience. Maybe it’s not as annoying to read “Hohhhhh-doooooooor” countless times as it is to hear it read in a long, saggy sigh. Anyone who’s read the series in print, feel free to weigh in on that one.

I’ve read criticisms of the fourth book, A Feast for Crows, but knowing what they are, I’m happy to plunge immediately into the next installment, warts and all.


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