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All Together Now


John just finished this awesome draw-er-ing based on a poem of mine, called “Waterfall.”


It’s one of twenty-or-so collaborations we’re doing for a book that will be out by October. The project is a call-and-response collaboration, in which I write a piece to accompany his drawing or he draws an image to pair with my writing. All of my written work has to fit on one page opposite a drawing, so it’s been a great exercise in quick storytelling and also an opportunity to experiment with a variety of super-short formats.

Here is another drawing he did, based on semi-fictional story I wrote that is simply entitled, “Dog.” I guess that’s the minimalist in me.


John’s also posted documentation of his take on my story “De Molen,” which was inspired by our trip to the Netherlands but certainly not reflective of the trip itself. My mind veers into more dangerous places than our real-life travels ever would. We had a lovely time in Holland, and we certainly didn’t see anyone as scary as what John’s imagination conjured up.

Deadlines for our publication content are looming, but we’re probably going to name it Call and Response. The book is due out in time for John’s Swarm opening on October 1st. You’ll be able to buy copies there and online once we have them in-hand.

Meanwhile, you’ll just have to make due with little hints from us about what’s in the book.

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