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Labor Pains


After several months of back-and-forth collaboration, John and I have finally finished all of the content for our forthcoming book “Call & Response.” We are both very excited, and the layout file looks great. Here’s a glimpse of the cover, which John designed.

Call & Response

The book features 18 collaborative writing/drawing combos. Each of the written pieces fit on one page opposite one of John’s drawings. (You can read a little more about it in this earlier post.) It was both fun and freeing for me to come up with such an array of work. I even wrote a couple of genre stories, one being horror and the other sci-fi, both on the humorous side. There is definitely a dark-comic thread in this series, although some of the work is just plain dark, and some of it has a much lighter tone.

The book will be available in about a month, and we’ll be sure to keep people posted. I still have a couple of pieces to write for the Swarm show, work that won’t be in the book. Those need to be finished by Labor Day, and one of them is really giving me trouble. I gave John an early draft of it, before I’d edited it into a presentable piece, and then he came up with a great drawing based on that draft. So now I can’t abandon the pesky thing, no matter how difficult it’s being.

I’d better get back to work!


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