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With just four days left until I hit Disneyland, the anticipation is killing me. Just one day more day at work. Just one more day … just one more day … just one more day …

What am I most looking forward to at the Happiest Place on Earth? Well, the obvious answer is having a few days off to wander through such an enjoyable, crazy, and cheerful place. But more specifically, here’s my top ten list for this trip:

  1. Being spontaneous: ride a ride, grab a corn dog, swim!
  2. Fantasyland (Is that cheating? I love it all!)
  3. JC screaming on Big Thunder Mountain
  4. Trying the new Star Tours
  5. Seeing what’s new over at California Adventure
  6. Corn dog!
  7. Grizzly River Run
  8. Manchego salad at the Uva Bar in downtown Disney
  9. Captain EO
  10. That little “whoop-whoop” sound at the turnstyles. It makes me happy whenever I hear it!

I should add that Haunted Mansion is down for its annual holiday revamp, and Pirates is closed for renovations, otherwise one or both would have made the list. No big coasters on this trip, so Space Mountain is out as well.

Hope to be blogging a little about the trip, since the park is on off-season hours after Labor Day and I won’t be burning the candle at both ends. Meanwhile, here’s a taste of the fun to come.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


A Bug's land


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