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Our Labor Day pork turned out really well, smoked but not overly so, and moist. We smoked it on the stovetop for an hour and then slow-cooked it in the oven for four hours more.

Here’s the meat both before and after smoking:

Rubbed pork

Smoked pork

And here’s the meat after pulling, which went faster than expected.

Pulled pork

We then added pork drippings back into the meat and served it with two choices of sauce: green tomatillo and whiskey BBQ. It was nice to have pulled pork with optional sauces for a change, vs. the predictable sweet/spicy (and often overloaded) base that’s often the norm in restaurants. No-sauce, rubbed meat is definitely a Santa Maria-style thing—which is appropriate, since that’s where we were on the holiday.

Sides included four-cheese macaroni and cheese, watermelon-mint-and-feta salad, and peas.


And dessert … pecan pie with homemade sour cream ice cream. I’ll have to dig up the recipe for the latter and post it here later. It was amazingly easy and delicious, tart and rich, a little like cheesecake. I can imagine making versions of it with strawberries or chocolate chunks. Not that it needed either. It was perfect.


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