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Bad Buzz


There are a couple of shooting games at Disneyland: the 3D Toy Story Mania (which is technically at California Adventure), the various old-school arcades in Frontierland, and the light-gun target-shooter Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.

I will admit up front that I never win Toy Story, no matter who’s playing against me. It’s the ring toss that gets me every time. Even if I go into that round in the lead, I am so terrible at nailing those aliens that I fall behind. And quickly.

Buzz Lightyear, on the other hand, is usually good to me. I’m not a high-scoring expert, but I usually hit a respectable 120k or so. The first time JC and I rode Buzz this trip, we were both out of practice. My score was something around 65k and his was in the mid-40s. We accepted this and went to check out our photo, which you can e-mail yourself after the game.

This is what we saw:

Buzz Buzz

The photo is correct, but the score is completely wrong. I have never seen this kind of error in the game. Yes, I won, but it certainly wasn’t a trouncing. Still, the photo makes me laugh. I gave him a rematch to clear his good name. I won that one too, but not by this much!


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