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Tease, Please


I recently posted about finishing all of the content for my collaborative book project, Call & Response, with John Casey. Although we were both thrilled to have the writing (mine) and drawing (his) done, as well as the layout, cover, proofing, and sign-off (whew!), the clock didn’t stop ticking.

After completing the book, we still had a few pieces to finish for the forthcoming opening at Swarm gallery, on October 1st. John’s posted a few samples on his blog, and he filmed a video of drawing his largest piece in the show. So I thought it was about time to post a few story teasers of my own.

Here’s a good place to start. John’s piece Balladeer is the press release image for the Swarm show. This is a case where his drawing came first and I wrote something based on that. Take a look at the drawing:


Here’s the teaser: Vikings!

Let’s just say there’s a bit of Norse history you might not know about. This piece is in the show but not in the book, so if you live in the Bay Area, drop by Swarm on October 1st to discover what the History Channel hasn’t told you about Viking exploration.


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