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Don’t Mind This Thing on My Head …


For the Day of the Draw event tonight at Swarm (FB details here), I thought I’d emphasize the collaborative aspect of my recent work with John and also add a written element to the proceedings.

On the latter front, I’ve created a set of written prompts that artists can use as a launching point for their drawings. These suggestions range from quirky nouns and catch phrases to longer, more dramatic suggestions. Artists will be able to choose from the whole lot, so there should be a prompt for any taste.

As for collaboratiing with John, I decided to make a hat inspired by his drawing Germinate, which appears in our Call & Response book along with one of my favorite pieces. Here is his drawing.

Below is a series of photos I took while making the hat. I’m delighted with the final result and look forward to wearing it this evening!

Hat base.

Started with a piece of foam.

Picket Fence.

I began building the fence panels using foam strips and Popsicle sticks.

Grass hat.

I cut a hole in the foam base, added some wire for support, and topped the square with fake grass.

Assembling the "yard."

After assembling the four fence panels and painting them white, I glued them to the sides of the "yard."

Flower stems.

Then I made flower stems by wrapping wire with green duct tape and sculpting a small base to add petals.

Finished Hat.

A few paper petals, some hot glue, and a little more tape for leaves, and the hat is finished.

No pics of me in the hat just yet. If you come to the Swarm event, I’ll be sporting it in person then!

  1. BerkeleyNailGal permalink

    I think the fascinator is highly underutilized.

  2. mkc permalink

    I hope to be able to wear this hat again, perhaps at a Kentucky Derby party. Or a royal wedding.

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