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Everything’s Better with Bacon


I made the pecan pie this morning and opted for a few last-minute changes.

First, I decided to toast the nuts. Technically, this would have involved putting them into the oven, but there was a perfectly good frying pan sitting right in front of me, lined with yummy bacon grease from our holiday breakfast. This was too good an opportunity to miss. I could have tried adding crispy bacon bits, too, but we’d eaten all of the meat.

So I removed the excess fat from the pan and fried up my nuts. (Yes, I said that on purpose.) Turned out that I needed an additional 1/2 cup, which I had thanks to my husband’s foresight in buying an extra bag. Some people may prefer to have more gooey, nut-free filling in their pie, but personally, I like to fill every cranny with nuts. (Seems like a day riddled with innuendo.)

I also added about 1/3 cup of brown sugar. This is a holdover from a recipe I jotted down one time when I bought light corn syrup by mistake and had to cobble together a substitute for the dark variety. But since many pecan pie recipes call for some combination of both corn syrup and sugar, I decided to try it this time.

And finally, I tried a different cooking time, based on my mom’s instructions. Those call for baking the pie at 400° for 10 minutes first, to set it, and then reducing to 350° for 20-30 additional minutes. I thought this might be worth a shot, though the total cooking time still seemed a little short.

I checked the pie after 20 additional minutes, and although the top was firm, it definitely needed more time. The crust hadn’t gotten brown enough yet to worry about covering the edges, so I left it alone for another 10. After the timer went off, the crust still needed more time, so I set it for another 10 minutes … and then another five. Total cooking time on the pie was 10 mins at 400° and 45 minutes at 350°, so the initial blast didn’t seem to speed things up. And I’m a bit worried now that the filling may be too dry.

Here’s a picture of how it came out. Even though I didn’t use any covering on the rim, it flattened out more than I’d like it to. I don’t know whether this is the butter or the lard. I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s the butter because this never used to happen in the good old days when I used Crisco.

Pecan Pie

Now we just have to see how this updated recipe tastes. I’ll report on that important fact tomorrow!


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