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What’s in a Name?


You’ve probably noticed the recent name change to this blog. Though I feel a bit melancholy about abandoning “Bufflehead,” it also seemed like the right time for a swap.

I arrived at the Bufflehead name for a number of reasons:

1) The Bufflehead is my favorite duck. (Trivia sponges, take note.)
2) The Bufflehead also held a prominent position as the titular character in a project that was dear to my heart.
3) The word implies a befuddled mind, which I can frequently relate to.

Here he is. Isn’t he cool?

Greg Gillson photo

I miss the term already, and maybe I’ll regret leaving it, but I thought to was time to consolidate the name of this blog with its url in a more recognizable way. I can still be a Bufflehead at heart.

These are Bufflehead females. Both genders are perky but cautious birds, shying away from human contact. They appear in the Bay Area this time of year, having migrated south for the winter. The males’ black-and-white plumage is typical of Arctic species.

Bufflehead Females

Bucephala albeola, aka "Bufflehead"

So goodbye little butterball. You’ve been good to me, and I thank you.

Bufflehead Decoy


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