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The Lemon Song


My aunt has a fruitful lemon tree that requires regular picking. We visited her recently and plucked about 60 lemons for ourselves, plus another three bags for her to give away. And that was only a small portion of the tree, the part I could reach on foot.

Lemon Line

People who have citrus trees in their yards always seem to be burdened with fruit, but I’m certain that if I had one, I’d be harvesting every weekend. It’s a project, for sure, but that still seems better than buying lemons at the store.

You just wash them …

Lemon Soak

Dry them …

Whole Lotta Lemon

… and juice them.

I particularly liked this freaky, Budda’s Hand-like specimen:


And we had several cute, little ordinary lemons with leaves and perfect, pointy nubs.

Cute Lemons

Most of the lemons were overly large, about the size of an orange. But that’s normal since we radically pruned the tree down several seasons ago. Before that, it bore lemons the size of grapefruits with super-thick rinds and often bitter juice. Now, even larger lemons with thicker skins taste equally delicious, and we don’t throw many away.

This batch yielded three full quarts of juice. That’s a lot of cocktails, salad dressing, lemon bars, and other puckery treats.

Sidecars anyone?!


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