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Ode to Les Oeufs


I’d like to take a moment to spotlight what was possibly the best thing I ate on our entire trip to Paris (and it had a lot of competition). Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the delectable Oeufs en Meurette, or eggs poached in red wine.

Oeufs en Meurette

Let me clarify that a bit. That’s red wine flavored with bacon. Or, as a layman might perceive it, bacon soup. It was a little spicy (green peppers), a little rich (the bacon, and surely some butter), deep, and complex (tomatoes and other things). Sumptuous.

And there’s an egg on top. What’s not to like?

I’ll have to try to make this soon. Its flavors haunt me with delicious memories.

We enjoyed this at a charming, traditional restaurant called Le Felteau, in the Marais district. The owner was a generous host, and our company during the meal was delightful. Our compliments to the chef for this amazing treat, and to our friend Victoria for leading us to a magical meal.


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