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The Taxman Cometh


Today is tax-preparation day. I sit here, indoors on a gorgeous Saturday, surrounded by receipts, on my third cup of coffee, entering incremental expenditures into various Excel spreadsheets, hoping that when it’s all put together, there will be some write-off benefit to all of this.

And the cats are here to help.

Even immersed in this annual ritual universally despised by all Americans, I can’t help but think, “Yeah, but it’s still Saturday, the best day of the week.”

Saturday has always been my favorite day because you can sleep in and stay up late with no obligation in the middle. It’s the only day of true freedom. Sunday has its pleasures, and we all feel relief on a Friday night (or whatever the last day of your work week is). But even I—being just the sort of organized person who feels a sense of accomplishment when her taxes are done—am surprised that the joy of Saturday beats the pain of fighting the IRS.

So, you tell me: What is your favorite day of the week?


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