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Farmers’ Market


You wouldn’t know how beautiful it was in Oakland this weekend by looking outside today. Where did all of our sunshine go?

I hadn’t been to the farmers’ market in months, so on Saturday I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and strolled over to Splash Pad Park to sample a few treats, get our knives sharpened, and meet a friend for coffee.

I was pleasantly reminded of France, thanks to the atmospheric tunes of Paris Musique, a nearby charcuterie cart, and a twice-baked ham-and-cheese croissant. I’ve found myself hankering for croissants ever since we got back from Europe. Most of the ones I’ve found here aren’t soft and flaky enough, but this particular pastry was bursting with with savory goodness.

One of the joys of walking through the market is its array of colors and textures. The flowers are particularly seductive. I resisted the orchids’ siren song but broke down and bought myself a small bouquet of Gerbera daisies. Given how grim the view outside has become, I am glad to have that snippet of cheer at home.

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