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The first stages of plastic surgery are going well.

Before I began sculpting a new bunny face, I glued the old one back together. It’s too brittle to repair and re-use, but it served as an excellent model.

Puzzle Face

I then mixed up a batch of Apoxie® Sculpt, which gave me about two hours to work. I measured the old face and referred to it as I created a new one.


Wetting the material keeps the surface smooth, with less sticking to your hands and tools.

Old and New

I let the face dry overnight to make sure that it was fully cured. Then I set it into the animal, to see whether it fit properly. It’s different, of course, but I think it has the right family resemblance.

Test Face

I’d made a flange around the face to allow for stitching holes, but the piece needed a lot of trimming. I sawed, shaved and sanded the edges to reduce any extra material, both to keep it from pushing into the bunny’s cheeks and to lighten the weight a little.


Then I drilled a series of holes around the edge, which will allow me to sew the face on later.



And here’s how it looks on the inside. The metallic bits are remnants of an aluminum-foil ball that I’d used as armature.


The whole time I was working on this, I felt like I was being watched.


I bought a can of spray paint, trying to approximate the color of the original rubber. Luv Bunny’s latest Sculpey snout was actually a replacement in itself and a little more pink than the original. So I was looking for a peculiar color. Not peach, not pink, not too light.

Painted Face

This might be too orangey in the end. I’ll have to wait till it’s dry. It also needs a coat of clear matte spray to bring the shininess down. Think of it as going to the powder room, a dash of permanent makeup.

Next, I’ll be giving him an ear lift, with inserted wire to help them stand up or allow for specific positioning. Like many of us, he is sagging with age. If only we could all be fixed so easily.

ETA: OK, the orange was bugging me, so imediatley after posting this, I went outside and did a couple of passes with two colors to lighten and shade the face a little. It still has to dry overnight, but here’s what it’s looking like now, a little more three-dimensional in tones.

Dusted Snout


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