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Luv Bunny: ThD


As the operating surgeon, I am happy to report that Luv Bunny has survived facial reconstruction and is recovering nicely. I still have to add more stuffing and stitch him back up, but his new face is in place, and he resembles his quirky old self.

First, I stitched his snout on from the inside. This is a little like stretching a canvas in that it works best to anchor the top and bottom so the fabric is evenly distributed around the facial circle.


Ooooh. Creepy.

Bunny's New Face

Here he is, right-side-out, with no stuffing in his head. Maybe he should visit the Wizard for some brains.

Flat Head

I re-stuffed his head, fluffed his ears, and got him ready for his closing spinal sutures. That will have to wait until this weekend, but the prognosis is good.

Newly Stuffed Head

While working on this project, I learned a fabulous new word that is applicable to the particular opening that will be closed during Luv Bunny’s final operation:

from “dehiscing

Go Word Power!


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