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Whole Lotta Luck


I complain a lot about Whole Foods—mostly because you can’t go in there to buy a carrot without spending fifty dollars—but I have to admit that today the store came through. I went in to buy supplies for dinner and Sunday-morning crepes, with a stop at the beer aisle to see what was new. After picking up my staples, I wandered to the pastry section just to catch a glimpse of these delicious treats.

The bakery counter reminded me of all the pâtisseries in Paris.

After fondling a few interesting cheeses, I passed through the “drugstore” section and noticed a rack of sunglasses. (I’d recently lost mine to the forest gods, but that’s another story.) Not only did I find a pair that I liked, the shades fit better than my last ones and were cheaper, too. Shocking.

Then I stumbled upon a series of small, insulated lunch bags. Coincidentally, I’d been yearning for one of these. I needed something just big enough to carry my Thermos and miscellaneous food items to work. Lo and behold, there on one of the end caps, some brilliant Whole Foods merchandiser had arranged exactly the item I wanted in an array of cute, pink, and girly styles. I have nothing against pink; in fact, I like it. I’m not much on the ribbons and rhinestones, though. After fishing through a host of birds, plants, and romantic Victorian imagery, I settled on a munching zebra.

In my last curious case of discovering something I needed, I found a chicken-roasting rack. Now a roasting rack is something that everyone should have, and we do, but our rack is shaped in a way that never seems to prop up a small bird properly. I wasn’t looking for one. I wasn’t even in the cooking aisle. I just passed by the nuts, and there it was. Very strange, very useful, and in some odd way, this experience at Whole Foods actually saved me a lot of time. Like the sunglasses, the roasting rack was cheap: ten dollars. How it’s possible to go into Whole Foods and come out with more than one item that’s less expensive than elsewhere is beyond me. It makes no sense at all.

But I’m not complaining. For once. Not only am I happy with everything I got, I had a lot of interesting views along the way.

I always enjoy the flowers. It takes all of my willpower not to buy an orchid on every trip.

And then there was the beer. Another round of applause for the Whole Foods merchandising team, who put Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire iO Saison (brewed with hibiscus and rose hips) into the floral fridge. As saisons go, it was highly rated, but I never would have sought it out if it hadn’t been so cleverly positioned. (It wasn’t a good as the ratings rave, but it was worth a taste.)

Who’d have thought that Whole Foods could cover me so completely, and at reasonable prices? I suspect that this was a one-time thing. Almost to good to be true.

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