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More art archives coming soon. Meanwhile, a little kitchen experiment.

I’ve been seeing a lot on the Interwebs about growing scallions at home. Since we just had a soup with the tiny onions, I decided to try it myself. I cut the greens off for dinner and stuck ther leftover bulbs in the water.

Here’s what happened over four days. I took a photo before work each morning.

Day 1:

Scallions: Day 1

Day 2:

Scallions: Day 2

Day 3:

Scallions: Day 3

Day 4:

Scallions: Day 4

It looks like it’s going to work, though I’d probably cut them down lower next time. And this is a very small cluster, just an initial test. I have another bunch in the fridge. I wonder how many times they’re good for?


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