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Paper Trail


Although I’ve been focusing recently on humorous discoveries in the attic, I also unearthed a few surprising gems. This one was a favorite that survived despite being drawn on the cheapest, thinnest butcher’s paper. I think we were supposed to show expression—another freshman exercise. I actually remember drawing this because my whole face ached when it was done. It’s wonky, but I like it.


Then there was this series of very small drawings, all about 5×7″ on paper. These are later than the drawing above, from my senior year at MassArt (great school). The black-and-white one is charcoal. The color ones are oil and pencil.








There was an entire year’s worth of work like this, mostly black-and-white and huge, as well as a group of ceramic pots in the same chaotic-but-organized vein. Most of the work was traded or sold, though I do have one of the pots. I still have the paintings I bartered for too, but you wonder where everything goes over time, if anything decent survives.

I kinda wish I’d brought these small drawings back, although I’m not really sure why. Clearly, anything saved in my parents’ attic is in no danger of disappearing . …


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