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Match Fail


Sometimes a picture really is better than endless paragraphs of chatter. Like this. Possibly the worst Netflix recommendation ever.

Netflix Match

Now in fairness to Netflix, this was not the only suggestion. Click on the image below for a full screen-cap of the complete set of “More Like This” matches for Katy Perry’s behind-the-scenes documentary, Part of Me.

Match Set

Although I think Restrepo is one of the worst possible recommendations one could come up with, I love the inappropriate wackiness of Africa: The Serengeti (Katy Perry = Wild Animal!), Roving Mars (Katy Perry = Disney Martian!), and Ayn Rand (Katy Perry is also in a self-titled documentary with “colon: subtitle” construction!)

As you can tell, most of these disjointed recommendations are likely based on the fact that they’re documentaries—because, what, Britney, the Jonas Brothers, High School Musical, and Justin Bieber were all too obvious for the algorithm? Truth or Dare, though R-rated, would at least make sense.

Everest? Really?


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