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Apocalypse Chow


2012, year of the Crawpocalypse and the end of life as we know it. OK, I don’t believe that last bit for a minute, but I do live in quake country, where preparedness is a good thing. Hence the apocalypse pantry.

Apocalypse Pantry

About a year ago, I got really serious about disaster stock and went out to buy extra canned goods, water, and pet supplies for a week. Then I put a Sterno kit on my wish list (thanks, Santa!). Did you know that bottled water expires? I didn’t until I looked closely at the packaging. We have a couple of gallons coming due in August. I usually use expired water on my plants.

Expiring Water

In addition to stocking the pantry, we have a hand-crank radio, first-aid pack, candles, foil blankets, nasty blocks of compressed “food,” and emergency bags filled with spare clothes, IDs, toilet paper, toiletries (especially those women’s essentials), flashlights, matches, contact information, and—what could be our most important survival product—duct tape.

I often stash things in the emergency bag that might otherwise be thrown away. For example, old underwear. It may be slouchy and full of holes, but if I’m on The Road, I won’t care. And don’t forget the simple things one might forget about if trying to escape at the last minute, like paper and a pen. How many free pens do you have lying around from a business, junk mailing, or conference? And what about all of those ugly note pads sent from this-or-that non-profit looking for a donation? Or the toothbrushes your dentist offers? Throw these items in your emergency bag. You never know when you might need to leave a message. Or feel that minty-fresh sensation.

The more time you take to prepare, the better you can tune and stuff your pack.

Remember: The water in your toilet tank is clean. In an emergency, you can drink it. Unless it’s unusually filthy from sediment or rust, or you contaminate it with chemical bowl-cleaners, it’s the same source water that flows through your tap. So keep that water drinkable; don’t use the crazy blue stuff. And DON’T flush the toilet. You’ll just be sending good water down the drain. …


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