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Don’t Look Now


After two years, finally, my bathroom orchid has bloomed. I’d been waiting for it to flower for so long, without results, that’d I’d finally just stopped hoping. Then, one day, like the proverbial watched pot, it “boiled” when I wasn’t looking. Notice the tiny buds.



That was about three weeks ago, and since then I’ve taken weekly snaps to document its opening.

Today, it appears fully opened—a nice reward for my patience, but more like the result of a recent re-potting.

It’s nearly fall, and my hopes are high for a seasonal bloom on the Paph, which didn’t flower last winter but looks very healthy right now. Just remember, don’t stare at the orchid. Apparently, they’re shy.


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  1. mkc permalink

    Updated the Paph link to a post with prettier pictures.

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