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Magic Lantern


On Friday night we attended the video and music event Magic Lantern, held at Children’s Fairyland park and curated by Mary Anne Kluth.

Fairyland is a beloved institution, and although it’s right in my neighborhood, I’ve only been there once because adults aren’t allowed inside without a child. These special events are an exception, so this was a real treat for me—not only because I got to enter the park, but also because it was after hours, dark, and a little romantic. It’s not quite Disneyland, but it’s the original, and we had a great time exploring.

Various artists contributed video works, which were positioned in areas all over the park. Several required audience participation, such as hula-hooping and Jell-O thumb-wrestling (but not together). My favorite was a rapid-fire image array called Nonlocal prefrontal childhood signalburst volume ∞ by Bryan Von Reuter. For a full list of the artists and their projects, see the Magic Lantern menu here.

Some photos from the night below. Thanks to JC for his contributions.

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