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You’ve Got Mail


Early this summer, I spent a few days digging through art archives while clearing out my parents’ attic. Well, I wasn’t the only person to find a few ancient gems from ye good olde high school days. A friend just sent me two perfectly preserved examples of the album-cover reproductions I used to draw—you know, back when people wrote letters. When e-mail and Facebook didn’t exist. When there was only a landline, and your parents made sure you weren’t on it all night.

Yes, I grew up in the Dark Ages.

Here are pics of the envelopes, more offerings to the Zeppelin gods. They’re a combination of charcoal and pastels, and a testament to the powers of Krylon spray fixative, apparently holding strong after thirty years.

This one’s a strip from Houses of the Holy. Click the image for a larger view. Note the back of the envelope, still intact.

And here’s a vertically formatted composition taken from Zeppelin IV. The tiny scrawl there appears to say, “Look familiar? Doing envelopes is a habit of mine.” No kidding. Click on it to get the full-length image.

Thanks to MG for saving these artifacts and sending the pics. I am both amused and delighted. Again. Maybe others will turn up someday.


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