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Ball of Infusion


I’ve spent the past week working on a series of infused alcohols. This is just the kind of last-minute scheme that I tend to come up with and then regret because it ends in utter failure.

So far, it’s been working out fairly well, though it will be another day or two before the results are final. I’m working on these concoctions:

Coffee-infused bourbon
Juniper-infused gin
Kaffir-lime/curry vodka
Pear-ginger vodka
Lemon-ginger vodka
Vanilla bourbon
Orange bourbon
An orange bourbon with a hint of vanilla

The juniper is tasty, and I really like the kaffir/curry mix, though it might be a tricky one to use in a cocktail. I think the pear-ginger could wind up being the smoothest, as some of the other infusions went on a bit too long. I added a touch of zest to the orange bourbons, which tasted better after one day than two, when the infusion lost some of the sweetness it had earlier had. On the other hand, it hints of orange bitters, which sits well with some water over ice, like an Old Fashioned.

The lemon was great after one day, but after two days with citrus in the mix, it also got a bit too edgy. I’d already had the ginger soaking for a couple of days on its own beforehand, and it seemed to be doing fine, so I took the lemons out and left the ginger in for more time. Today, I strained out the ginger and added another pear I had on hand to see if I can get a little sweetness back into the blend.

I guess it’s been mostly successful, but the jury’s still out on a few. If you’re interested in trying infusions, though, it’s really easy and doesn’t take long at all. But keep a sharp eye on the citrus when the rinds are included. If you want to let the fruit soak for a while, you might try peeling it first.

Here’s a shot of the first-round efforts. More after they’re bottled as gifts.



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