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WDW Day 3: Future World


Day 3 of our WDW extravaganza brought a tour of Epcot.


In the morning, we checked out our favorites from Future World and killed a little time with the always delightful Captain EO.

Not too many people rush at park opening to Living with the Land, but I love the hydroponics and interesting upside-down growing contraptions.








This aqua/agri-culture cross relies on plants to clean the water for the fish and fish to supply nutrients to the plants.


And speaking of fish …


Following the Nemo ride, there is a small aquarium with some interesting fish tanks.





The nicest surprise was the renovated Spaceship Earth (the giant “golf ball” that is Epcot’s symbol). The ride—which chronicles the timeline of man’s development through the lens of communication—has always been a little bit hokey, but they’ve nixed most of the later animatronic scenes in favor of an interactive element. If you haven’t spent time on this one in a while, I definitely recommend it.


Test Track has also undergone a complete makeover. I didn’t love it before the changes—the queue was smelly and noisy. The renovated experince has a dark, TRON feel to it now—not literally, but they may as well have called it that with its sleekness and neon lighting. This also relies on an interactive, competition feature that can add to the experience but isn’t required. The gist is that you can design your own “car” and then everyone in your ride vehicle competes against one another. I rode it using the default settings and my “car” did just fine. Another one to try if it’s been a while since you rode it.

Epcot is shaped like an hourglass, with Future World at the entry and World Showcase across a bridge.

As I was walking across the bridge, I saw a huge fish that paddled in place for several minutes. I watched and watched, wondering if it was a fake Disney fish. This is a terrible photo, but it’s all I could get. The fish was the same tone as the water. This guy was about three feet long.


After a while, I left, not knowing whether he was real. When I passed over the bridge again later, he had moved. Not only was he real, but he had some aggressive company, this scary-looking snapping turtle, who was intent on begging for handouts.


Sorry Mr. Turtle, no fish and chips for you.


Next up, World Showcase, and a view from across the pond.


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Maybe I really did walk two miles the first night to get my Udon and ride Nemo. Mine mine mine!!!!!

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