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Laying Eggs


We had an egg hunt at work yesterday, set up by mysterious elves. It was amusing to see the little bursts of color everywhere around the building, on shelves, windowsills, in potted plants and displays, tucked away in conference rooms and in the kitchen. My haul was fairly large. At first I didn’t want to take them, but there were literally hundreds about.


This reminded me of Easter-day hunts from my youth. Every year, my mom would hide candy around the house after hours, and I’d wake up to an empty basket accompanied by a handwritten list that looked something like this:

1 chocolate rabbit
3 coconut nests
4 marshmallow eggs
4 peanut butter eggs
20 candy robin’s eggs
24 small chocolate eggs
121 jelly beans, assorted

The rabbit was always easy to find, and also very large. My parents didn’t skimp in the chocolate-rabbit department. It usually lasted a week.

The checklist was meant to ensure that I found everything and didn’t leave candy to rot in the house. But no matter how hard I looked, I always missed a few jelly beans. And, of course, my mother never could remember where she’d hidden them all. She knew where the big-ticket items were, but not every tiny treat.

One year, I was on the telephone, standing upstairs in the hall, my eyes wandering about the shelves and space. Then I noticed a row of tiny, colored shapes lined up like soldiers across the bathroom-door lintel.

It was August.

At work, I spotted a similar hiding place with a single, well-camouflaged egg, out of reach for most people but still visible if you happened to look the right way. I’ve decided to leave it there indefinitely to see how long it will be before someone else finds it and takes it down. I wonder if it’ll last all summer?

Happy Easter.



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