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On Sundays, I often make crêpes for breakfast. This week, we had some lovely duck eggs from a friend, and I wanted to enjoy them whole, so I poached them and served them with waffles. We also happened to have strawberries on hand, which added a nice pop of color.


Supposedly, fresh eggs separate and hold together better during poaching, and these certainly behaved well in that regard. But I’ve also never had a real problem with store-bought eggs clinging together either.

Some people use a bit of vinegar in the water to help their eggs’ cohesion, but I find this adds an unpleasant flavor and I can always tell when a restaurant does it.

I don’t care much about how a poached egg looks, whether it has a regular shape or lots of wispy tendrils. I care more about how it tastes, and the doneness of the yolk. I like mine to be firm with just a little runniness in the core, while my husband prefers his eggs to be soft-boiled.

I’ve heard various ways of poaching that seem complicated to me. I basically just boil ’em. The only trick I use is putting each egg into a small bowl or cup so they’re all ready to cook at the same time. Get the water rolling, gently lower each egg into the water, near the surface. Set the timer for three minutes. They’ll come out the way I described above, with just a bit of runny yolk to sop up with your waffle. If you like a wet yolk, cook them a little less, maybe two-and-a-half minutes instead. You can also put different eggs in at different times to suit different people’s tastes, but it can be hard to remember which is which, as the eggs sometimes swim around the pan.



I thought it might be redundant to re-post a photo of the beautiful eggs our friend keeps giving us, since I’d just done it back at Easter. But they are so gorgeous and multi-colored, I had to do it again.



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