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The Great Wall of Cats


We interrupt our previously scheduled report on SFIFF for this brief message about another local cinematic celebration, the first annual Oakland International Cat Video Festival, held at the Great Wall of Oakland. The event was curated and originally screened by the Walker Art Center, with proceeds benefitting the SPCA.

As you might guess, the daylight festivities often tipped toward the corny side. There weren’t as many vendors as I would have liked, and the beer had run out when we arrived at 7 pm. But once the videos started, I found myself in tears, and the night turned out to be worthwhile, ending in clips of some Internet legends like Keyboard Cat, Henri, and my favorite feline, Maru. I had seen many of the clips before, but not this bizarre and mesmerizing animated piece called Welcome to Kitty City, by Cyriak.

Welcome to Kitty City still.

Welcome to Kitty City still.

The show will be traveling to other cities, as well. Here’s looking at you, Brooklyn.

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