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Did I mention that when we visited Anaheim, it was hot? And when I say “hot” I mean broiling.


The upside was being able to enjoy water rides in the morning, but I spent most of the time on auto-pilot, kind of roaming from place to place in a melted haze. Disneyland wasn’t busy at all. As usual, we arrived at opening to tackle a few key rides, but other than that, the whole trip was casual. I think DL on Wednesday afternoon was the least crowded I’d ever seen it midday. That was Extra Magic Hour day for California Adventure, which pulled people across to the other park—probably the best day all week to try Disneyland itself. But even the Labor Day holiday was less busy that I expected. We got to ride the Matterhorn at night with only a 15-minute wait. I don’t think it was any busier than an ordinary weekend night.

Here are a few photos JC and I took at the hottest happiest place on earth. Enjoy!

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What’s that you ask? Where are the corn dogs and turkey legs? Well, they got a post of their own.


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